Reference and Geometry pages within HSMAdvisor require Medium security level for the Internet zone.

If you navigate to those tabs and see content not displayed or displayed incorrectly, please perform the following steps:

  1. Click on the Windows icon in start and start typing "Internet Options":
  2. Click on the Internet Options (Control Panel) result.
  3. Go to the "Security" tab and make sure the Security level for the "Internet" zone is set to Medium:
  4. Click the OK button and restart HSMAdvisor.

This should fix the issue.

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HSMAdvisor installer requires Administrative permissions to install into Program Files folder.

If a .ZIP folder is used, its contents should be extracted into "User Documents" folder.

After installation HSMAdvisor needs to be able to access its own data files located in "C:\Users\{User_Name}\AppData\Roaming\HSMAdvisor" for reading and writing.

Also initial Permanent License Activation and and Floating License require internet access.

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Internet Access Permissions

March 1, 2015, 3:58 pm by admin

Certain features in HSMAdvisor require Internet access.

Such as all Floating License types require Internet connection at least once a month to our licensing server.

Permanent Licenses do not depend on licensing server for license authorizations, so they do not require Internet access.

We care for our customers and we want them to receive latest updates that improve stability, performance and overall user experience.

Thus HSMAdvisor will, by default, connect to the Internet upon startup to check for updates and notify our users when updates are available.
You can turn this feature off on "Settings" tab.

Whenever a firewall or anti-virus is installed on computer, you may be prompted by it to either deny or allow HSMAdvisor Internet connection.

It is advised to allow HSMAdvisor to connect to the Internet as you may be denied your Floating License renewal or you may not receive notifications about important updates.

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