Because in real world any tool can be used for roughing, finishing and general machining, also machining conditions may vary.
HSMAdvisor allows you to choose the preferred material load on your tool.

Performance Slider is available for Milling and Turning Tools.
You need to expand Speed and Feed Adjustments Panel to see it.

The main function of Performance Slider is to adjust the expected performance level of the cutter.

When you intend to make light cuts, you should move Performance Slider all the way to the left.

This ensures low cutting forces but comes at performance hit. Perfect for Light cutting modes on light machines or un-sturdy setups.

The middle position is for General Machining on medium machines with sturdy setups

The right-most position is for heavy-duty roughing operations

Setting Performance Slider to this position may trigger your Tool Torque or Deflection Limits.
To avoid having HSMAdvisor reduce your feed rate to compensate for that, you can increase your Torque or Deflection limits.

This heady-duty position should be used on heavy machines with very sturdy setup.

Video: Operation of Performance Slider

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