Select the Machine from the drop-down list.

There are thousands of machines available on the market and we could not add many.

There are, however, machine definitions in the list common in both the industrial and hobby machine shops.

Using machines supplied with the program as templates, users can very often easily create their own machine definitions

What if Machine Definition I need is not on the list

  • You can create your own machine definition
  • You can write us an email with a request for one.
    Please include as much information as you can. Such as:
    Complete name of the machine, Spindle horsepower, max RPM and anything that could help us create the machine definition for you

I created my own Machine Definition

If you created your own machine definitions, we would be very thankful if you could share them with us.

Export your definition to a file and send us an email or create a thread in support forums and upload your files there.

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